E80 ltd has always taken safety  very seriously  we have always believed  we all deserve to go home at the end of a day's work without injurys or the thought "that was close, what if".  We always wanted to prove to organisations we believe and follow high standards this is why we decided to commit to safe contractor, to allow organisations like yours to know we are serious about safety , and care about our workforce.By us being accredited it means we have consistentantly high standards to uphold to ensure all of our policy and proceedures are followed and reputation with safe contractor is consistantanly kept high,in turn this means that you as a customer know no matter what our task on your site we will always think first and act second to prevent any incidents.

Risk has always been part of the supply chain and is a day-to-day reality for many businesses. More than ever, businesses are facing increasing challenges in how they manage risks and transparency in their supply chain and minimise the impact of vulnerabilities and disruptions.

This includes increasing focus on eradicating modern slavery in supply chains, adhering to environmental obligations, meeting social value through local suppliers and ensuring your contractors and suppliers are financially secure. For these reasons and more SafePQQ is now part of the standard SafeContractor question set.

SafeContractor gives businesses the peace of mind that their supply chain is secure and resilient and allows contractors to demonstrate that they meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, environmental, modern slavery, diversity, equality, workplace wellbeing and financial stability,

statement from safe contractor