Proud to participate in change

Society became less familiar for all of us as we embarked on the third decade of the twenty-first century; we no longer possess the economic certainties that we once did or the abilities to plan strategically at the levels of assurance that would be preferable. 

Here in the UK, government borrowing surpassed the countries income for the first time in fifty years in May 2021 as fiscal strategies and initiatives were rolled out to combat the devasting effects of the pandemic. However, it is now abundantly clear that any countermeasures to long-lasting economic damage are dependent on thriving and productive markets both at home and globally. 

Materials handling and heavy industry sector specialists E80 LTD are on working on the front line with all our customers. We take responsibility, prioritise intuitively, and understand the impact of disruption on any commerce. 

From a personal perspective, mechanical engineering has long been my passion. As a director, I am fastidious with all elements of my organization, we are investing in training and keeping up to date with innovation & environmental impacts of the industry. We offer industry relevant data updated regularly throughout the website and social media - I, like most of our clientele, have extensive experience from working in materials handling, to quarries, HGV and heavy plant industries and supporting agricultural businesses. As a result, I have often been the first point of contact when a tentative approach was made, which is why all inquiries, however small, are obligation free.

Danny Aston - Managing Director